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"Mante Molepo is a champion of diversity and inclusion, and a tireless defender of human rights.  Mante knows that it is not enough to profess our commitment to rights and justice. Unless and until we actively acknowledge, address and dismantle the systemic racism and inequality that are entrenched in society and reflected in our institutions, real change will be illusory and superficial at best. 


Mante brings a host of experience from a variety of settings, along with valuable insights to guide challenging and important conversations about racism and oppression.  She also offers a passionate determination to help effect transformative change.  Her voice at the Amnesty International Canada board table has been so clear and very helpful.  Like all organizations, human rights groups have far to go in truly embracing diversity and inclusion.  And she has spearheaded and supported action that offers us concrete and meaningful steps for getting there. 


Mante Molepo has a vision for change and the skills to help organizations build the roadmap for achieving it."


Alex Neve, Secretary General,

Amnesty International Canada



"Mante was exactly the right person to help our team and I will always be thankful we found her. Compassionate, supportive, and very, very knowledgeable – she has the expertise and lived experience to guide you through challenging conversations and change your organization for the better."


Gabriel Miller, President & CEO,

Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences



"When I was planning a women in leadership conference and wanted to profile a woman whose leadership has been particularly impactful I chose Mante.  Her perspective and passion for leadership in areas of diversity and inclusion are authentic and informative in ways that so many others could never advance. Her professional and articulate manner of addressing important sensitive issues adds to the relevance and sincerity of her message. The feedback we received from those in audience was overwhelmingly positive and grateful which is a testament to both the substance and delivery of Mante’s messages."


Katherine Cooligan, Regional Managing Partner,

Borden Ladner Gervais



"Over the years that I have known Mante, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to equity and inclusion. Mante has extensive experience working with organizations to understand the importance of equality. With her extensive knowledge of human rights and anti-racism, Mante leads hard conversations to effect real organizational change. She remains diplomatic, insightful and engaging, even in the most challenging of situations." 

Christopher Usih, Chief Superintendent of Schools,

Calgary Board of Education

"Mante has a very effective approach in the delivery of her workshops, very quickly putting the staff at ease, which made us all comfortable to share our questions, comments and stories. Mante delivered thought provoking sessions using real-world, current examples to bring home the depth and breadth of the issues being discussed."


Brenda Dashney, Chief Operating Officer,

Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences


"Thank you to Mante Molepo for her participation as a presenter at People for Education’s annual conference. As a panelist in a thought-provoking discussion that explored issues of race and equity and their impact on public education and society, Mante shared both her expertise and her family’s lived experience in the school system. Mante is a passionate and powerful speaker, and the feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. We truly appreciate her contribution to the discussion."


Annie Kidder, Executive Director,

People for Education 

"Mante brings a vast experience and deep insights into guiding a delicate and important conversation on inclusiveness and anti-racism. Her sessions opened our eyes, provoked introspection, and challenged us to commit to building a better workplace – for ourselves and for our organization."


Marine Policy

Transport Canada


« Mante Molepo offre des formations bilingues des plus pertinentes pour sensibiliser nos organisations et milieux de travail à tout ce qui touche à l’inclusion, à la diversité, à la discrimination, etc. Plus que jamais, nous avons besoin aujourd’hui de telles formations et Mante Molepo, de par son expérience et ses compétences, demeure à mon avis incontournable. »

Luc Bonneville, Ph.D.

L’Université d’Ottawa

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