“I use my narrative to change the narrative so that women who look like me can lead.”


Mante Molepo is a thought leader, an award-winning community leader, and speaker with a passion for guiding organizations through the structural changes needed to bring about full equity and inclusion. She works with governments, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions to develop and implement system-wide accountability frameworks that ensure the full participation and inclusion of Black, Indigenous and racialized employees and members. Mante is a renowned speaker who uses interactive storytelling techniques to guide awareness around anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion. Mante offers a suite of advisory services as well as anti-racism and anti-oppression training and professional speaking engagements.


Identify and address the structural barriers that limit full participation and inclusion


Customized learning experience to foster awareness, growth and change for your organization


Storytelling to engage and inspire audiences  



Organizations are developing and implementing diversity and inclusion action plans, policies or strategies. However, these initiatives fall short if they do not address systemic barriers that have created inequitable outcomes for historically

under-represented and under-served groups.


Mante has extensive experience in governance, community engagement, and human rights advocacy.

Using an intersectional approach, Mante will work with your organization to:

  • Review your organization’s policies, practices and procedures to identify and address structural barriers to full participation and inclusion of Black, Indigenous and racialized employees and members;

  • Design and implement an anti-racism and anti-oppression accountability framework;

  • Advise on best practices to recruit and retain Black, Indigenous and racialized leaders.



Mante is an experienced course developer and instructor who designs and delivers training to non-profits, governments, school boards and post-secondary institutions. Mante weaves a powerful storytelling technique into her training to enable authentic engagement and understanding of complex issues. Training sessions are centered around the pillars of awareness, growth and change.

Through a process of scaffolding, participants learn about systems of oppression, approaches to anti-racism, and steps to identify and apply anti-racism and anti-oppression practices to foster a culture of inclusion.

A training package includes a preliminary client planning meeting to understand your learning objectives so that the learning experience is customized to meet your organizational needs. 




Mante is an acclaimed and dynamic speaker, who draws on her background as a lawyer, her lived experience as a Black woman, and her years of human rights advocacy. Mante employs the power of storytelling - the artform of verbally illustrating an idea or message by tapping into a listener’s empathy and experience.


She conveys valuable lessons about equity and change management in a unique way that will both edify and motivate your audience.

She has delivered inspirational messages before government institutions, school boards, public forums, as well as corporate and academic events.


Mante is available to speak on a range of topics including:

  • Leadership and governance

  • Anti-racism and anti-oppression

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Education

Mante Molepo Anti-Racism consultant

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