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“I use my narrative to change the narrative so that women who look like me can lead.”


Mante Molepo is an award-winning community leader, and speaker with a passion for guiding organizations through the structural changes needed to bring about full equality and inclusion. She advises boards and senior leaders on diversity, equality and inclusion in governance. Mante’s work focuses on advancing systemic change and centering the voices, lived experience and expertise of Indigenous and equality-deserving people and communities.

Mante is passionate about governance. She serves on the Board of Governors of the Ottawa Hospital and is also an elected member of the Ontario Bar Association. Mante is a founding member and former co-chair of Parents for Diversity, an organization committed to addressing equitable and inclusive education. She is also a former Director for Amnesty International Canada, EcoEquitable, and the Parkdale Food Centre.


We work with boards and senior leaders to advance diversity, equality and inclusion for all members of the organization.



Designed for boards and senior leaders who are committed to strengthening their knowledge of diversity, equality and inclusion and to advance systemic, organizational change.


Mante is celebrated for her approach to storytelling where she deconstructs challenging topics by inviting curiosity and empathy.


Pairing talented Indigenous and equality-deserving leaders with board opportunities.

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Boards increasingly value the representation of Indigenous and equality-deserving people in governance and are exploring how to adopt and apply more equitable and inclusive approaches to governance. However, they may not know where to begin or have the proper strategies and tools to lead systemic change.

We provide advisory services to boards and senior leaders on governance related to diversity, equality and inclusion. Whether one-on-one or board-wide, we advise boards on a range of issues from succession planning; strategy development, implementation and review; community engagement and other challenges and opportunities.



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The DEI Governance Academy is specifically designed for boards and senior management who are committed to strengthening their knowledge of diversity, equality and inclusion and to advance systemic, organizational change. Board members and senior management develop the skills, competencies and tools to identify and remove systemic barriers, to strengthen relationships with the stakeholders and communities they serve, and to cultivate an organization where all members can experience full participation and inclusion. 


Mante is an acclaimed and dynamic speaker, who draws on her background as a lawyer, in governance, and her lived experience as a Black woman. Mante employs the power of storytelling - the art form of verbally illustrating an idea or message by tapping into a listener’s empathy and experience.

Mante has spoken to thousands of professionals across Canada and internationally on diversity, equality and inclusion, including in law, governance, research and education.

She has delivered keynotes, spoken at board retreats, and on panels to universities, companies, governments and regulatory bodies. 

Mante is available to speak on a range of topics, in English and French, in-person or virtually. 


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A common approach to board recruitment is to reach out to traditional networks. This can lead to missed opportunities to identify highly talented individuals who are representative of Canadian society and could make a meaningful contribution to the board.


Boards that want to recruit equality-deserving candidates may not know where to begin, may unintentionally reinforce barriers to recruitment or may rely on expensive search firms to attract a high talent pool. 

Mante Molepo Consulting has developed the Seat at the Table initiative to pair talented Indigenous and equality-deserving leaders with board opportunities.


We work with boards that have demonstrated a commitment to not only recruit but to retain these leaders. We partner with boards who continuously identify and remove systemic barriers, and enable full participation and inclusion of board members. 

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