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We work with boards and senior leaders to advance diversity, equality and inclusion in governance, using our signature model of organizational change

Awareness. Growth. Change

Watch our micro-class replay

In this free webinar we discussed Three Mistakes Boards Make in Recruiting Equality-Deserving Candidates

We will explore:

  • Challenges to board recruitment and retention

  • Why we need to think more critically about what we mean by “diversity”

  • Strategies to ensure effective recruitment and retention of board members 


Years ago, during a board recruitment interview, I was asked why I wanted to join the board. I was honest and, much to the committee’s surprise, said, “I want a seat at the table.” The reason for my response was two-fold. 


"Mante Molepo is an exceptional leader, deeply and personally committed to the practice of equity and anti-racism. She is bold, solution-driven and holds in-depth understanding of how oppression and racism manifest in organizational settings.  She leads with integrity and care, always centering the perspectives of the most marginalised and leaves no-one behind in her pursuit of equitable work spaces. She is also highly discerning, a practical changemaker who excels at creating the right space and tone for challenging and meaningful conversations. What sets her apart is the lens of her own lived experience and her grasp of the unique intersections of race, gender, disability and other forms of discriminations. At Amnesty International Canada we are forever indebted to her leadership. Her powerful voice and advocacy laid the ground for our transformative journey.”

 - Ketty Nivyabandi, Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada


We advise board and senior leaders on diversity, equality and inclusion in governance.


Our DEI Governance Academy provides boards and senior management with strategies, competencies and confidence to advance DEI in governance .



Mante speaks at corporate events, board retreats, conferences and other events. 


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